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DoppelHerz Coenzyme Q10 + Magnesium +B1+ B5+B6 Capsules, 30 St

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DoppelHerz Coenzyme Q10 + Magnesium + B1 + B5 + B6 Capsules, 30 St

The doppelHerz Coenzyme Q10 + magnesium + B1 + B5 + B6 capsules contain 3 selected B vitamins in combination with magnesium. In addition, 75 mg coenzyme Q10 is included. 

- 100 mg of magnesium as a contribution to the normal function of the muscles and the nervous system 
- Vitamin B1 as support for normal cardiac function 
- Pantothenic acid as a contribution to normal mental performance 
- With 75 mg of coenzyme Q10