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2xPacks Diadermine Age Supreme Extra Rich Regenerating Night Cream

Regular price $26.99

2x Packs Diadermine Age Supreme Extra Rich Regenerating Night Cream

50 ml (100 ml supply)

The Age Supreme Extra Rich Night Cream with its 30 vital nutrients nourishes, firms and strengthens your skin.

  • REPAIRED: Essential functions of the skin are restored, the skin structure is improved
  • POWERED: The skin is firmer and more resistant
  • REGENERATED: Valuable nutrients reduce visible signs of aging

For smoothed and strengthened skin after the first application.

30 vital nutrients: 5 vitamins & pro-vitamins, 10 vitalizing oils, 5 valuable plant extracts, 3 essential amino acids, 4 anti-aging active ingredients, calcium, zinc and hyaluronic acid.

Already after the first application the skin appears repaired and feels strengthened and relaxed, for a noticeably pleasant skin feeling.

SKIN TYPE: Dry to very dry mature skin. TEXTURE: Silky and rich. PROHIBITED: repairs, strengthens and relaxes the skin.

Age recommendation: 50 - 70+ years.


                        MADE IN GERMANY