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Tetesept 6 Piece "Pampering Moments" Bath Additives in Gift Box

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Tetesept - GERMANY6 Piece Bath Additives/Oils Set "Pampering Moments"

6 x 20 ml (120 ml set)
    • 1 Back Warm Bath (20 ml)
    • 1 Deep Relaxation (20 ml)
    • 1 Baths of the World Indian Ayurveda Bath (20 ml)
    • 1 Baths of the World Oriental Hamam Bath (20 ml)
    • 1 Time for you Happiness (20 ml)
    • 1 Time for you Rest (20 ml)

    Bath additives, highly concentrated, for 1-2 applications.

    Developed according to current scientific knowledge. Skin compatibility dermatologist approved.         

  • Free of parabenes, paraffins, silicones. Alkali soap free.