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2x Pack Mivolis Eucalyptus Cold Medicinal Bath Oil - 500 ml

Regular price $18.50

2x Packs DAS Gesunde PLUS Eucalyptus Cold Medicinal        Bath Oil

250 ml each (500 ml supply)

For the supportive treatment of inflammation of the respiratory tract. The medicinal bath Eucalyptus is a medicinal bath additive with a natural active ingredient for the supportive treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (catarrh). Catarrhs ​​of the airways are often the first signs of a flu infection or a severe cold. The essential oils of Eucalyptus leaves unfold their beneficial effects in body-warm water, the symptoms of cold symptoms are noticeably relieved. When inhaling the essential oils, they have an expectorant effect on the diseased respiratory tract and thus facilitate breathing and exhaling. There is a noticeable relaxation in the respiratory tract irritated by coughing and hoarseness