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DAS Gesunde PLUS,Nasal Rinse Salt Pouch + 60 packs Sodium Chloride

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DAS Gesunde PLUS Nasal Rinse Salt Pouch + 60 packs Sodium Chloride

Pouch with 60 bags of Sodium Chloide

Das Gesunde Plus Nasal Rinse salt is used to produce a nasal rinse solution. The nasal rinse with salt water allows in a simple and very effective way, the gentle, but thorough liberation of the nasal mucous membranes of irritating or foreign particles such. As dust particles, allergens or pathogens. In addition to the cleansing effect, the nasal mucous membranes are additionally moistened, which supports their natural function. 
The Das Gesunde Plus nasal rinse salt is also suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. 
Suitable for every 250 ml nasal douche.

suitable for pregnant women and children

Lactose free

Gluten Free