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Dallmayr Crema Prodomo Coffee Whole Beans - 1 kg

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Dallmayr Crema Prodomo Coffee Whole Beans - 1 kg

Selected highland plants from Asia, Africa, South and Central America combine in Dallmayr prodomo to form a finely balanced mix of lace. Arabica coffees from the fertile southern provinces of Ethiopia - the original home of coffee - are the hallmarks of the typical taste. Here in the highlands, coffee cherries are harvested, which grow in small, rural plantations. After harvesting, they are “washed” in a special process, which further refines the green coffee.

Dallmayr Crema Prodomo, coffee beans, roasted coffee, coffee, whole beans, coffee beans, 1000 g:
With Crema prodomo, Dallmayr is expanding its range with a new, promising coffee:

- Top- quality Arabica blend with a distinctive flavor and powerful body
- Gentle long-term drum roasting - therefore very low in acid and soft
- Harmonious and round in taste thanks to the well-known prodomo special refinement
- With multi-faceted aroma of caramel, dark chocolate and plum

Roasting: 4/5
Acidity: 2/5
Strength: 4/5