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Dallmayr Crema d'Oro Whole Beans - 1 kg

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Dallmayr Crema d'Oro Whole Beans - 1 kg

The smell of coffee is in the air. Slowly the spoon dips through a layer of golden brown crema. The most beautiful moment of the day for coffee lovers. With Dallmayr Crema d'Oro. Noble Arabica highland beans are carefully coordinated and gently roasted for this specialty coffee. This results in the velvety, fine and light crema.
Dallmayr Crema d'Oro is a mild coffee with a balanced aroma - ideal as a coffee crema, coffee creme or Schümli.

Coffee specialty with a velvety, fine crema

Noble Arabica highland beans are carefully coordinated and carefully roasted for Dallmayr Crema d 'Oro. This mild coffee specialty in whole beans impresses with its balanced aroma and the velvety, fine, light crema.

Ideal for all fully automatic coffee machines:

During preparation, the water is pressed through the coffee at high pressure. The brewing pressure quickly removes certain substances from the ground coffee. The ground coffee acts like a filter for the water.

The result is an approximately 1 to 3 mm thick layer with a fine-pored, creamy consistency in a light to dark brown shade: the crema. It is the trademark of a successful espresso or a caffè crema. The "hood" looks appetizing and also preserves the flavors and aromas as well as the hot temperature in the cup.

With the flair of a traditional house

The special flair of the house - known from TV advertising - resonates in every pack of Dallmayr Crema d'Oro, wherever it is bought.