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Copy of Lenor Laundry Perfume Unstoppables 'LAVISH' 510 g

Regular price $26.50

Lenor Laundry Perfume Unstoppables 'LAVISH'

510 g

Inspired by luxurious perfumes with a creamy-sensual blend of peach notes, white flowers, vanilla and wood. Lenor Unstoppables is a laundry perfume for any clothing and goes beyond conventional freshness.
  • For the longest lasting freshness you've ever experienced. Lenor Unstoppables work already at the beginning of the washing process, so that more fragrances penetrate into the laundry, which are then gradually released.
  • Add the laundry perfume to every wash.
  • With Lenor Unstoppables you can get up to 12 weeks freshness.