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LAVAZZA Mega Mix Coffee Capsules for Modo Mios Machines - 308 Capsules

Regular price $159.50

LAVAZZA Mega Mix Coffee Capsules for Modo Mios Machines

1 Pack each of the following selections 12/16/36 Capsules per pack 

  • 36x Passionale - Dark roasted beans, dried fruits, Strong (8/10)
  • 36x Delizioso - Aromatic arabica, candy, grapes, dried fruits, Medium (6/10)
  • 36x Intenso - Dark roasted beans, spices, cocoa, Very strong (10/10)
  • 36x Suerte - Aromatic arabica, 13 Very strong
  • 36x Crema e Gusto - Dark roasted beans, spices, chocolate, Very strong (9/10)
  • 36x Qualita Rossa - Full-bodied chocolate, Very strong 10
  • 16x Soave - Aromatic arabica, flowers, lightly roasted beans, Mild (4/10)
  • 16x Lungo Dolce - Aromatic mild acidity, medium roasted beans, Medium 5/10
  • 12x Divino - Dark roasted beans, chocolate, Strong (8/10)
  • 12x Qualita Oro - Flowers, honey, lightly roasted beans, fruit, Medium (6/10)
  • 12x Tierra Brasile Cerrado Honey and Chocolate, Strong, 9
  • 12x Tierra Peru Ande - Fruity floral roasted beans, Medium 7
  • 12x Tierra Bio - Organic - Rounded and aromatic, 7 Medium intensity

Diversity variety and intensity, diverse taste and flovers in one mix bundle.