Biotherm Eau Fusion Eau de Toilette for Women - 50 or 100 ml

  • $28.50

Biotherm Eau Fusion Eau de Toilette for Women 

50-100 ml 
Experience revitalizing moments every day and as often as you like with the Biotherm Eau Fusion Body Spray. Classic, aromatic citrus notes hit a new terrain and awaken the power of the gems. The result is Eau Fusion - a regenerating and revitalizing fragrance for you. Inspired by the positive effects of gemstone therapy, the perfumed body spray is supplemented with energizing tourmaline dust. Experience the fragrance, which ensures true moments of well-being through its ingredients. The combination of natural citrus essences, a fresh, mineral accord and a wooden undertone gives you a positive energy boost! Meet with Eau Fusion another fragrance from the Biotherm Eau family.
  • Top note: citrus essences
  • Middle note: mineral chord
  • Base note: woods
  • Effect: Revitalizing, Refreshing, Beneficial


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