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Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye Gel for Men - 15 ml

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Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye Gel for Men - 15 ml
The Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Eye Care Eye Care 15 ml is a massage roller with anti-fatigue effect. Lack of sleep and severe stress can cause the skin to relax, contract and show signs of tiredness. It loses the ability to renew itself and to renew itself. The scooter softens dark circles and revitalizes the areas of tiredness in the face. Active straightening polymers firm your skin and give it a refreshed look. The care formula gives moisture and energy for 24 hours. 

- reduces dark circles 
- gives fresh appearance  
- vitalizes tired zones on the face 
- massage roller against skin fatigue 

active ingredients
The binding specification of the ingredients can be found in the packaging of the delivered product. 

The concentrate every morning / or evening as needed. Apply a small amount of the product in the eye area. Then gently massage. .