BIOTHERM Aquasource Cream Dry Skin Daily Ritual Gift Set -

BIOTHERM Aquasource Cream Dry Skin Daily Ritual Gift Set

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BIOTHERM Aquasource Cream Dry Skin Daily Ritual Gift Set

Hydrate your dry skin with a personalized skin care ritual. 

Let yourself be seduced by: 

• Aquasource Rich Dry Skin Cream 50ml: Our latest breakthrough: The Biotherm Next Generation Aquasource provides intense and long-lasting hydration. For firm and radiant skin. 

• Biosource Foaming Cream for Dry Skin 50ml: A rich facial cleanser that is foamed with water to cleanse the skin and remove make-up. Cleans the dry skin leaving a supple skin feeling.

• Biosource toner for dry skin 100ml: More than a simple toner. The toner acts like an exfoliant frees your skin from impurities and dead cells and thus ensures a natural radiance. The Biosource toner makes the skin feel clean and fresh.

• Aquasource Night Spa 20ml: Spoil and relax the night with Biotherm Night Spa for deep hydration. Contains P. Antarctica, a micro-organism from the deep Antarctic seas, which has the extraordinary ability to store water. Combined with natural, moisturizing ingredients, it creates a fresh, compact jelly that melts on the skin, moisturizes it from the inside overnight and strengthens its natural protective function. Give your skin the beauty sleep that it deserves and feel reborn. For all skin types.

arget group Ladies
package contents Aquasource Rich Cream for dry skin 50ml, Biosource Foaming Cream for dry skin 50ml, Biosource Toner for dry skin 100ml, Aquasource Night Spa 20ml
application Note This gift set will give your skin a pampering experience and the chance to transform your skin through the complete care ritual and healing power of Life Plankton ™. 

Aquasource Rich Cream: Apply 
on the cleansed skin of the face and neck tomorrow and / or evening. Gently massage the care from the inside to the outside of the face with both hands. Avoid eye contact. 

Biosource Foaming Cream: Put 
in the palm of the hand and mix with water until a foam is formed. Massage into the wet face and neck with small circular movements and avoid the eye area.Rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

Biosource Lotion Toner: Apply 
to the face with a cotton pad. 

Aquasource Night Spa:
Apply Aquasource Nuit in the evening after cleansing your face.
ingredients The binding specification of the ingredients can be found in the packaging of the delivered products.
content 1 piece.


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