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BIOTHERM Eau Relax Body Milk - 400 ml

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BIOTHERM Eau Relax Body Milk 

400 ml

The Eau Relax Body Lotion by Biotherm is a high quality personal care that revitalizes the skin and gives it new soothing moisture. The soothing scent that enriches the product is presented with notes of fresh bergamot, juicy orange and spicy cardamom . As soon as you apply this body care, the skin feels relaxed and at the same time refreshed. It also feels soft and supple and maintains a neat and attractive appearance. Through the scent you are wrapped in a veil of aromatic essences throughout the day and feel well in your skin. Apply Biotherm's Eau Relax Body Lotion daily, preferably after a shower or bath.

Apply this rich body care every morning and evening to cleansed skin. Go from the legs to the neck and spread the Eau Relax Body Lotion by Biotherm gently in circular motions on the skin. The lotion absorbs quickly and leaves no annoying film on the skin, so you can dress after applying it. Enjoy the feeling of freshly groomed skin.