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BIOTHERM HOMME Shaving Gel 200 ml + Baume Apaisant After Shave 100 ml Set

Regular price $44.50

BIOTHERM HOMME Shaving Gel 200 ml + Baume Apaisant After Shave 100 ml Set

Shave and soothe your skin with a personalized skin care ritual. 

Let yourself be seduced by: 

• Baume Apaisant 100ml: soothing balm without alcohol. After-shave for dry skin. 

• Gel Shaver 200ml: Foaming shaving gel with vitality and freshness

target group Men's
package contents Baume Apaisant 100ml Gel Shaver 200ml
application Note This set accompanies you every step of the facial care: 

 1. Gel Shaver 
Our 4 golden rules for a perfect shave: 
- Do not eat before shaving, as it activates the microcirculation and this promotes micro-cuts during shaving. 
- Always clean the face with hot water before shaving: this softens the bristles and frees the skin from dead cells and impurities. 
- Apply your new Biotherm Homme shaving routine, which is fortified with soothing, repairing and antibacterial agents. 
- After shaving: Rinse with cold water to soothe stressed skin and neutralize micro-cuts. 

2. Baume Apaisant: Apply in the morning after shaving.
ingredients The binding specification of the ingredients can be found in the packaging of the delivered product.
content 1 piece.