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BIOTHERM Deo Purel Deodorant Cream - 75 ml

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BIOTHERM Deo Pure Deodorant Cream - 75 ml

The Biotherm Deo Pure Cream 75 ml is a non-alcoholic and anti-perspirant cream with applicator that regulates the sweating with a gentle, non-greasy texture and at the same time has a nourishing effect on the skin. The nourishing deodorant cream is suitable for all skin types, whether sensitive or epilated skin. 

- Nourishing Deodorant 
- Regulates sweating 
- Alcohol-free, anti-perspirant 
- Suitable for all skin types 
- Gentle, non-greasy texture 

Active ingredients
Micronized aluminum salt Silicon micro-spheres Chamomile extract 

Apply the non-alcoholic cream in cleansed armpits and allow to soak for a few minutes, then dress. 

Content: 75 ml