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2xPack BIOTHERM Homme Day Control Shower Deodorant 150 ml each

Regular price $27.50

2xPack BIOTHERM Homme Day Control Shower Deodorant 

150 ml each (300 ml supply)  

The Biotherm Homme Day Control Shower Gel is the first shower gel by Biotherm Homme with an anti-perspirant effect. A new generation of shower care ingredients combats bacteria that cause body odors. Thus, the Day Control Shower Gel stands for 24 hours deodorant protection in a shower gel. In addition, it cleanses the skin and moisturizes it for a fresh and soothed skin feeling. 

- Shower gel with anti-perspirant effect 
- 24-hour deodorant protection 
- cleanses the skin, moisturises it 
- fights odor-causing bacteria 

Application Foam
on the moistened body and then wash it off. 

Content:  150 ml