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BIOTHERM Blue Therapy 5-Piece Face Care Set for Ladies

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BIOTHERM Blue Therapy 5-Piece Face Care Set for Ladies

Hydrate your skin with a personalized care ritual. 

Let yourself be seduced by:

  • Blue Therapy Cream In Oil 50ml: This is where cream and oil merge. Now the aging skin gets the ultimate nutrition. Nourish your skin and quickly repair visible signs of aging: in just 2 weeks, even dry skin will gain visible smoothness and radiance. The power of the sea (Marine connectum ™) combined with natural oils in an ultra-fresh, fast acting formula supports repair and regeneration.
  • Blue Therapy Serum In Oil 10ML: The restructuring power of marine sugar Marine Connectum ™ is fused with nutrient-rich oils of natural origin in an ultra-fresh, fast-melting formula. As close to the skin, it boosts the skin's self-healing power to repair rapidly visible signs of aging.
  • Blue Therapy Eye 5ml: Reduces visible damage. The Blue Therapy eye contour care gives a younger, radiant look.
  • Blue Therapy Night 15ml: Protect yourself against external influences by preparing yourself for the first signs of age with the Blue Therapy Night Cream. The next morning, you wake up with a younger appearance: wrinkles appear smoother, dark spots are reduced, and contours feel firmer.

This gift set will give your skin a pampering experience and the chance to transform your skin through the complete care ritual and healing power of Life Plankton ™. 

1. Blue Therapy Cream in Oil: Apply daily to the cleansed face and neck for best results. Massage with both hands over the face from the inside out. Avoid eye contour. 
2. Blue Therapy Serum In Oil 10ML: Apply the serum over the face in a circular motion. 
3. Blue Therapy Eye: 3-stage application ritual:

  • For wrinkle smoothing: rolling motion to smooth wrinkles
  • To prevent bumps: Press on dark spots to boost the microcirculation
  • Firming: Circular movement to regenerate the skin
  • Blue Therapy Nuit: Apply every night to a cleansed face and neck. Massage with both hands over the face from the inside out. Avoid eye contour