2xPack BIOTHERM Deo Pure Invisible Roll-on - 150 ml

  • $44.50

2xPack BIOTHERM Deo Pure Invisible Roll-on

75 ml each (150 ml per order)

Reliable 48-hour protection against unpleasant odors. With the antiperspirant roll-on Biotherm Deodorant Pure Invisible you protect your armpits from odors and at the same time care for your sensitive skin.

The innovative wide applicator enables practical application. You can also apply the product to freshly shaved or depilated armpit skin. This will make your mornings less hectic, giving you more time to prepare for the challenging day ahead.


  • protects against unpleasant odors for up to 48 hours
  • the liquid consistency turns into a light powdery film after application
  • can also be applied to the freshly shaved armpit skin
  • does not stick and leaves no traces on clothing



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