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BIOTHERM Summer Travelkit 4-Piece Gift Set

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BIOTHERM Summer Travelkit 4-Piece Gift Set

The Biotherm Biosource Lotion Tonifante Hydration PNM 30 ml is a gentle, soothing toner with mineral salts and trace elements. It thoroughly removes residues of cleansing milk. The dry skin is moisturized and finds a sense of complete well-being. The result: The skin feels good, it is calm and relaxed. 

The Biotherm Aquasource Gel PNM 20 ml is a paraben-free, hydrating gel for the face that continuously moisturizes normal to combination skin for 48 hours. Here, the valuable gel ensures activation of the in-house water reserves, which reduces lines and wrinkles. In addition, moisture-retaining care prevents the skin from drying out and prevents the ingress of foreign substances. In addition, the valuable apricot kernel oil, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and therefore ideal for tired, flabby, sensitive and sallow skin, builds the skin barrier. Through the refreshing gel, the skin experiences reassurance and regeneration and shines evenly. 

The Biotherm Lait Solaire Hydratant SPF 30 40 ml is the ideal sun care for, especially sun-sensitive skin. Enriched with pure thermal plankton and vitamin E, Lait Solaire Hydratant moisturizes the light skin and envelops it with the wonderful fragrance of Lait Corporel body milk. Containing sunscreen filters provide security against the damaging UVA / UVB rays and absorb them. In addition, the sunscreen neutralizes free radicals. The skin feels smooth and well-groomed and is perfectly protected while sunbathing. 

Content : 
1 x Biotherm Biosource Lotion Tonifante Hydration PNM 30 ml 
1 x Biotherm Aquasource Gel PNM 20 ml 
1 x Biotherm Lait Solaire Hydrate SP 30 40 ml
1 x Biotherm Zipper Carrying Bag