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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Hyaluron Eye Pads for Women -12 Pcs

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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Hyaluron Eye Pads for Women

The Annemarie Börlind Hyaluron Eye Pads 6 x 2 pieces are cooling eye pads that immediately cool and revitalize the sensitive eye area. Lines and wrinkles relax and appear visibly smoothed within a short time. The innovative botanical hyaluronic acid in combination with high-quality algae extract specifically moisturizes tired skin and immediately revitalizes the delicate and sensitive skin under the eyes. The eye area appears vital, fresh and visibly recovered. 

- cooling eye pads 
- moisturizes 
- smoothes wrinkles, lines 
- revitalizes and refreshes 

Take the soaked pads out of the pack and place one pad on the cleaned lower eye area. Take off after about ten minutes. 


MADE IN (The Black Forest) GERMANY