ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND SUN DNA Protect SPF 30 Sun Cream - 50 ml

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50 ml

The Annemarie Börlind Sun Care Sun Anti-Aging DNA-Protect Sun Cream SPF-30 is a sun protection cream with the medium sun protection factor 30 which offers an active cell and DNA protection. The formulation with the natural DNA Protect Complex effectively inhibits the development of UV damage and fights cell-damaging radicals. The DNA-Protect-Complex was specially developed for the treatment of UV-stressed skin. In situations of increased UV exposure, the DNA is better protected and the cell's DNA repair is specifically supported. The anti-aging complex protects the skin from free radicals such as UV radiation and thus prevents premature skin aging due to environmental factors. An optimal UVA and UVB filter along with Kombu algae extracts also provide protection against harmful UV rays. The anti-aging DNA-Protect Sun Cream SPF-30 nourishes the skin and protects it effectively against skin damage. This alleviates the aging process of the skin, which is otherwise increased by UV rays. This inhibits the aging process and preserves the youthful radiance and a more beautiful complexion for a longer time.

- Anti-aging sunscreen 
- protects against UV radiation 
- active cell and DNA protection 
- optimal UVA and UVB filters 

Apply the sunscreen on a large area and generously on the skin. Renew, especially after bathing, regularly the order. Even sunscreens with a high SPF do not provide complete protection against the UV rays. Avoid contact with the eyes. When in contact with textiles permanent stains are possible. 

MADE IN (The Black Forest) GERMANY

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