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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND 3-IN-1 FACE OIL for Dry Demanding Skin - 30 ml

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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND 3-IN-1 FACE OIL for Dry Demanding Skin 

30 ml

The Annemarie Börlind Beauty Specials 3-in-1 Facial Oil is a nourishing skin oil. It helps especially with dry and demanding skin. Nourishing oils such as Inca Omega Oil, Kahai Oil and Rose Cherry Oil strengthen the skin barrier and give it suppleness. The Tagetes (Marigold) protects against Blue Light * radiation. The anti-aging dry oil ensures a relaxed, regenerated skin. 

- nourishing skin oil 
- vegan 
- anti-aging 
- dry skin 

The Annemarie Börlind Beauty Specials 3-in-1 facial oil in the morning and evening (2? -? 3 drops) on the cleansed and strengthened skin, then as needed daily or Use night cream. 

MADE IN (The Black Forest) GERMANY