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2xPack Altapharma Gastrointestinal Relaxing Capsules - 40 pieces

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2xPack Altapharma Gastrointestinal Relaxing Capsules

20 pieces per pack (40 piece supply)

Exercise, stress and hard-to-digest foods can lead to increased gas formation in the intestine. The result is foam, which holds the gases in the intestine and exerts pressure on the intestinal wall. The result is flatulence, which can lead to stomach depressions or fullness. Altapharma Gastrointestinal Intensive Intensive contains the active ingredient Simeticon in high doses. They have a reliable effect on flatulence, bloating and regurgitation. The clinically tested active ingredient releases pressure and relaxes the stomach. Altapharma Gastrointestinal Reflex Intensive are very well tolerated and also suitable for nervous stomach. They thereby cause a rapid relaxation of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

  • high doses
  • fast acting
  • with bloating, feeling of fullness and stomach pressure
  • up to 1,000mg Simeticon per day
  • clinically tested
For adults and children 15 years and older: For gas-related gastrointestinal complaints take 1 capsule 3-4 times daily with sufficient fluid.
1 capsule contains: simethicone 250 mg, gelatin, glycerol, purified water.