5xPack SENSEO Coffee Pads - Latte Macchiattio Classic - 25 Pads

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5xPack SENSEO Coffee Pads - Latte Macchiato Classic

5 Pads per pack (25 Pads supply)

Senseo coffee pods Latte Macchiato Classic, milk coffee, coffee pad, relaunch, new design, 10 pads for 5 servings:
Enjoy the creamy, milky delicacy with the typical three layers.

Thanks to the simple preparation with two pads, you can spoil yourself from your Senseo machine with the Latte Macchiato Classic type.
A seductive combination of ground coffee beans, milk composition and fine foam is created at the push of a button.

• Creamy, milky pleasure in three layers
• Easy preparation at the push of a button
• New recipe with two-pad preparation
• Ideally suited for the Senseo Pad machine
• 10 pads for 5 servings per pack

Net weight: 100 g per pack



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