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4x Packs Das Gesunde PLUS or Altapharma Basic Alkaline Herbal Tea - 48 Bags

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4x Packs Das Gesunde PLUS or Altapharma Basic Alkaline Herbal Tea - 48 Bags

12x2g per Pack (48 Bag Supply)

The Das Gesunde Plus Alkaline Tea is the optimal supplement to a basic diet. The naturally alkaline herbs horsetail and green oat cabbage give pleasant lightness. The herb selection with lemongrass, nettle and ginger is rounded off in a refreshingly aromatic way.

lactose free



product features

Product features:
Lactose free, Vegan, Vegetarian
NOTE: Each order may consist of same variety and size of either Das Gesunde or Altpharma Brand medical tea packs - depening on supplies