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2xPack Lindt Mini Pralines - 200g

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2xPack Lindt Mini Pralines 

200 g Total

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The Mini Pralinés by Lindt offer the largest Lindt artworks in miniature edition. The approximately 100 g package includes Marc de Champagne truffle mini praline, orange-marzipan mini praline, whole milk with Krokant mini praline, white almond nougat mini praline, pistachio marzipan mini praline, macchiato star mini praline and caramel amande mini praline. 

- Chocolates 
- 100 g package each
- Mini Lindt specialties 

Contents: 100 g
Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, almonds, hazelnuts, glucose-fructose syrup, BUTTERreinfat, glucose, lean MILK powder, condensed milk, PISTAZIA, invert sugar, lemon peel, orange peel, palm oil, Marc de Champagne, MILK sugar, emulsifier (SOY lecithin), CREAM powder , Alcohol, kirsch, coffee, orange juice concentrate, natural flavoring, humectant (invertase), GERSTEnmalzextrakt, flavors, lemon juice concentrate, low-fat cocoa powder, coating agent (gum arabic). 
Allergens: Soy, Milk, Nuts Distribution 
: Pralinés 
Origin: Germany 
Note: May contain other nuts , Some specialties contain alcohol. 

Serving size: 100 g 
calorific value in kJ: 2.223 
calorific value in kcal: 533 
protein: 7.2 g 
carbohydrates: 52 g of 
which sugar: 50 g 
fat: 32 g of 
which saturated fatty acids: 15 g 
sodium chloride: 0.3 g

Package Colors may vary: