3xPacks Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee Pads - 48 Pads

3xPacks Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee Pads - 48 Pads

  • $22.50

3xPack Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee Pads

16 Pads per pack (48 pads supply)

Dallmayr Prodomo coffee pods, for all pod machines, roasted coffee, specially refined, 16 pods, each 7 g:

Perfectly refined premium coffee.
Popular for generations: Dallmayr prodomo is a top blend of the finest Arabica highland coffees from the best growing regions in the world.
The typical taste is dominated by the Arabica beans from the fertile southern provinces of Ethiopia, the original home of coffee. A special refinement and the final full aroma roasting give Dallmayr prodomo its unmistakable taste. A real treat for all coffee lovers.

flavor profile
Type: 100% Coffea Arabica
Roasting: 2
Body: 4
Acid: 3
Aroma: 4

Ideal for all coffee pod machines.


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