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3xPacks Dallmayr Prodomo Natural Mild Coffee Pads - 48 Pads

Regular price $22.50

3xPack Dallmayr Prodomo Natural Mild Coffee Pads

16 Pads per pack (48 pads supply)

Dallmayr Prodomo Natural Mild coffee pods, for all pod machines, roasted coffee, gentle, 16 pods, each 7 g:

Gentle coffee enjoyment
Do you prefer mild varieties when choosing your coffee? Then Dallmayr prodomo naturmild ensures an extraordinary taste experience. This fine-tuned blend of special Arabica highland coffees is naturally low in acid - with full caffeine content. In order to round off the experience of mild coffee enjoyment harmoniously, the beans are roasted particularly gently and specially prepared for coffee pod machines. This is how the gentle aroma of Dallmayr prodomo naturmild unfolds cup by cup fresh.

flavor profile
Type: 100% Coffea Arabica
Roasting: 2
Body: 3
Acid: 1
Aroma: 4

Ideal for all coffee pod machines.