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3xPack Tetesept Vitamin K2+D3 Tablets for Strong Bones - 90 Tablets

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3xPack Tetesept Vitamin K2+D3 Tablets for Strong Bones 

30 Tablets per pack (90 Tablet supply)

    • High doses once a day
    • Easy to swallow mini tablet
    • Contains 80μg Vitamin K2 and 1800 IU (= 45 μg) Vitamin D3
    • To preserve normal bones
    • For a normal calcium level in the blood thanks to vitamin D3
The tetesept Vitamin K2 + D3 1800 tablets contribute to bone preservation. Because our bones are constantly renewing and therefore have to be sufficiently supplied with nutrients. An important duo in bone metabolism are vitamins K2 and D3. While vitamin K2 acts as a cofactor of various bone proteins, vitamin D3 also acts as a "built-in helper" for food-borne bone mineral calcium.