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3xPack TeaFriends - Vata Herbal Tea - 270g

Regular price $17.50

3xPack TeaFriends - Vata Herbal Tea - 270g

90 g per pack (270g total)

Ayurvedic herbal tea blend. Vata  - supports the creativity, the enthusiasm and the nerves according to the Ayurvedic teaching. Start through! 

10 x 90 g in airtight and hygienically welded plastic bags

Fennel, cinnamon, aniseed, ginger, cardamom 

1 heaping teaspoon per cup with boiling water, infuse for 8 min.
of tea: herbal tea
Content: 900 g
Ancestry: mixture
Flavor: natural
Gluten: Gluten free
lactose: lactose
sweetening: None
Caffeine: decaffeinated
production: Conventional
Presentation: loose tea in block bags