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3xPack TeaFriends Green Sunshine Herbal Green Tea - 270 g

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3xPack China Green Sunshine Herbal Green Tea - 270 g

90 g per pack (270 g Total)

Flavored green tea blend with a sunny fruit taste. Please smile! This fruity green tea blend should bring some sun into your day.

Green tea, aroma, sunflower blossoms, redcurrants, cornflower blossoms (0.4%) 

recommendation Let the boiling water cool, add 1 teaspoon per cup, infuse for 2 min. 

Green tea is drunk "nature" - that means without milk or lemon!

Content: 900 g
of tea: flavored green tea
Ancestry: mixture
Flavor: flavored
Gluten: Gluten free
lactose: lactose
sweetening: None
Caffeine: With caffeine
production: Conventional
Presentation: loose tea in block bags