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3xPack Dallmayr Nescafé Dolce Gusto Dallmayr Crema d'Oro - 48 Capsules

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3xPack Dallmayr Nescafé Dolce Gusto Dallmayr Crema d'Oro

16 Capsules per pack (48 Capsules supply)

Italian coffee enjoyment in clever capsules - The NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Dallmayr Crema D'Oro brings the Italian Dolce Vita to your home. The Dallmayr Crema D'Oro by Dolce Gusto® is a coffee with tradition and pampers the senses with its full aroma. The artfully refined Arabica highland beans harmonize excellently with the velvety, fine crema. Whether with milk and sugar or black, the Dolce Gusto® Dallmayr Crema D'Oro is pure and sweetened a special coffee experience.
The fresh kick of the Dallmayr Crema D'Oro from Dolce Gusto® makes the perfect start to the day, as does the relaxing break in the afternoon. After the meal, the intense aroma is the perfect way to end. The hermetically sealed capsules ensure the full-bodied taste, which retain the aroma and only release when it is prepared. Convince yourself and try the Dallmayr Crema D'Oro.

Dolce Gusto Dallmayr Crema d'Oro, coffee crema, Nescafe, coffee capsule

Description: Fine coffee blend of exquisite Arabica highland beans for exquisite coffee enjoyment. A particularly balanced aroma and the delicate crema make this coffee a very special gourmet experience in the best Dallmayr tradition.

Contents: box of 16 capsules per      box

Ingredients: ground roasted coffee (100% arabica)

Nutritional information per 100 g:
calorific value: 1094 kJ / 267 kcal
fat: 1731 g of
which saturated fatty acids: 7.6 g
carbohydrates: 0.2 g of
which sugar: 0.2 g
protein: 8.1 g
salt: 0.01 g

Storage information: Store clean, dry and at room temperature

A composition of fine Arabica highland beans, carefully coordinated and gently roasted. An incomparable coffee pleasure from the capsule with a balanced, full-bodied aroma and a velvety, fine crema.

With the flair of
something special: Dallmayr in Munich delights gourmets as well as coffee lovers. You will also feel the unique flair of the delicatessen, where tradition and modernity combine, while enjoying Dallmayr Crema d'Oro.

130 ml / Genio-Level: 5