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3x Packs SENSEO COFFEE PADS - Cafe Latte 8 Pads **FREE SHIPPING**

Regular price $15.99

3x Packs of SENSEO GOURMET COFFEE -  Cafe Latte 8 PADS

Discover ALL 12 FLAVORS available in our store:

- Classic 
- Cappuccino
- Cafe Latte
- Cappuccino Choco
- Mild
- Strong
- Extra Strong
- Decaf
- Choco Break
- Excellent Caffe Crema
- Excellent Espresso
- Guten Morgen
- Extra Mild
12 different Flavors of Brand New and Original Senseo®  Pads for your Philips Senseo® System! 


High Quality Coffee From the Netherlands.