2xPacks Sebamed Shower Gels 200 ml each - FOUR Varieties

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2xPacks Sebamed Shower Gels - FOUR Varieties to choose from

200 ml each (400 ml supply)
1) Sebamed Wellness Shower with its complex of water-lily extract and allantoin provides a relaxed, noticeably smooth and supple skin feeling. It cleanses sensitive skin particularly mildly and stabilizes the moisture balance of the skin. 
The mild formula helps protect against dehydration. The skin's own pH of 5.5 optimally promotes the skin protection mantle as a natural barrier to dehydration and irritation..
2) Sebamed Fresh shower with the special combination of active ingredients of its mild formula is especially gentle on the skin - even when showering daily. 
It helps to protect the skin from drying out and refreshes and nourishes. 
Skin-specific amino acids, lactic acid and allantoin provide the skin with moisture. 
The natural pH of 5.5 stabilizes the skin protection shell and strengthens its resistance against damaging external influences.  Skin compatibility and positive effect on sports-stressed skin are dermatologically-clinically confirmed.
3) Sebamed sports shower 2-in-1 for skin and hair gently cleanses the skin and hair, nourishes hair and scalp intensively and refreshes and vitalises. Even with intensive training and frequent showering, the skin remains noticeably well-groomed. 
The skin's own pH of 5.5 optimally promotes the function of the natural skin protection mantle - skin and scalp remain healthy. Recommended by dermatologists and German top athletes. Care tip: after showering sebamed lotion and sebamed deodorant.
4) Sebamed baby & child wash lotion skin & hair A mild cleansing complex with sugar surfactants for skin and hair cleanses. 
• The care formula with panthenol prevents dehydration. 
• The pH 5.5 promotes the development of the skin protection mantle. 
• For children's skin: soap and alkali-free.

Unisex, suitable for all skin types
Each is made Without parabens | Without aluminum salts | Without alcohol | Without silicones | Without paraffins | Without mineral oils

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