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Dr. Beckmann Spot Cleaning Salt Intensive Stain Remover - 500 g

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Dr. Beckmann Spot Cleaning Salt Intensive Stain Remover

500 g

      Dr. Beckmann stain remover removes stubborn and dried stains with its unique Kraft formula and ensures hygienic, fiber-deep cleanliness with every wash. For the special combination of active ingredients even mixed spots of eg fat, color and slight discoloration are no problem. In addition, your laundry is reliably protected from graying.

      Through his integrated low-temperature amplifier unfolds Dr. Beckmann stain remover intensively even at low washing temperatures (from 20 ° C) its full effect and thus optimally enhances the performance of your detergent. This allows energy-saving washing and protects the environment.

      The intelligent combination of various active ingredients combines effective stain removal with color freshness and graying protection:

      • Multi-fat dissolving power through gall soap.
      • Oxy-Kraft removes colored, bleachable stains (coffee, tea, red wine, fruits, etc.) and slight discoloration.
      • Color freshness & graying protection: cellulose derivatives bind the dirt particles in the wash liquor and thus prevent graying, so that the luminosity of the colors is retained.
      • Low temperature activator for full washing power from 20 ° C.
      • Hygienic cleanliness thanks to active oxygen.

              MADE IN GERMANY