2xPacks Dallmayr Prodomo Naturally Mild Ground Arabica Coffee - 1 kg

2xPacks Dallmayr Prodomo Naturally Mild Ground Arabica Coffee - 1 kg

  • $28.50

2xPack Dallmayr Prodomo Naturally Mild Ground Arabica Coffee 

500 g per pack (1 Kg supply)

  • Naturally mild and low in acid
  • Particularly gently roasted beans
  • vacuum-packed

Top quality coffee - stimulating, aromatic, mild. Feel awake, take a break and enjoy with every sip: this is what this coffee offers. The full aroma roast gives it its characteristic taste. It is gently refined and freed from many bitter substances. The finest Arabica beans on the fertile parts of Ethiopia, the home of coffee, ensure the mild taste. The package is vacuum sealed, so the aromatic taste of the freshly ground beans is retained for a long time.

Nice that something good still exists. Dallmayr prodomo has been around since the early 1960s. It is still offered in the same mix as it was created at the time. Dallmayr prodomo is a top blend of the finest Arabica highland coffees from the best growing regions in the world. The typical taste is dominated by the Arabica beans from the fertile southern provinces of Ethiopia, the original home of coffee. A special refinement and the final full aroma roasting give Dallmayr prodomo its unmistakable taste. A real treat for all coffee lovers. The term "pro domo" comes from Latin and means doing something good for the (own) house or freely translated. Konrad Werner Wille, then co-owner and first coffee expert in the delicatessen Dallmayr, composed our most popular coffee brand in the early 1960s and named it prodomo. So he dedicated the noble mixture to the Dallmayr delicatessen and its customers. 

Flavor profile:

Roasting: 3

Body: 2

Acid: 3

Aroma: 3

Preparation Coffee preparation à la French Press Many experts recommend the French Press process as the best way to prepare coffee. You fill the coffee powder into the coffee maker - also called a stamp can - and pour it with hot, but no longer boiling water. Now stir well with a spoon so that the coffee can develop ideally. After four minutes, slowly and evenly press the stamp with metal sieve integrated into the jug. The coffee grounds are separated from the liquid. Then enjoy the coffee straight away. Filter coffee Dallmayr prodomo is ideal for the classic preparation of filter coffee, whether in the filter coffee machine or with the hand filter. We recommend 6 - 8 g coffee powder per cup with a brewing time of maximum 8 minutes. The water should be around 95 ° C, so no longer boil. Coffee tastes best freshly prepared, if you should prepare a larger amount of coffee than you currently need, a thermos flask is ideal for preparation. 

Storage Roasted coffee is a delicate natural product. Therefore, store it in a cool, dry place away from products that smell strongly. Oxygen, light and heat make roasted coffee age quickly. Our tip: keep the opened coffee pack in the fridge, ideally even in the freezer. 

Coffee enjoyment in a noble packaging This product gives you a carefully roasted coffee specialty that is vacuum-packed immediately after grinding. The Dallmayr jewelry boxes are ideal for storing coffee and bring a touch of Dallmayr tradition to your home. Also as a gift for coffee lovers, the elegant jewelry boxes with the historical motifs are a popular souvenir at Dallmayr. Only the  finest highland coffees from the best growing regions in the world are used at Dallmayr varieties. You can taste this quality with every cup - whether with the popular Dallmayr prodomo, espresso specialties, with the exquisite coffee selection or with rare GRAND CRU CAFÉS. Take a stroll through exquisite coffee world and discover your very own favorite coffee.


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