2xPacks CV (CadeaVera) VITAL Lifting Night Cream - 100 ml

  • $12.50

2xPacks CV (CadeaVera) VITAL Lifting Night Cream

50 ml each (100 ml supply)

The CV VITAL lifting night cream stra_x001f_t the complexion* and reduces the depth of wrinkles and the first wrinkles verifiably**. The anti-wrinkle formula with plankton extract and grape seed oil provides intensive care overnight, moisturizes and regenerates. For a smoother complexion and relaxed radiance in the morning. 

Active substance_x001f_-power plankton extract: an active substance_x001f_ from micro-algae, hydrates the skin and reduces small wrinkles. Grape seed and olive oil, shea butter and shea oil: 100% of natural origin, have a regenerating effect and improve the suppleness and flexibility of the skin. Vitamin E: has an antioxidant effect and thus counteracts premature, environmental skin aging. Vegetable glycerine and betaine: moisturize the skin. Panthenol: has a soothing, calming care effect.


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