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2xPack Altapharma Relaxation Bath with Lavender Oil - 500 ml

Regular price $14.50

2xPack Altapharma Relaxation Bath with Lavender Oil

250 ml each (500 ml supply)

Increasing tension in professional life and hectic everyday life often lead to inner restlessness and nervousness. The relaxation of your own body is usually too short. A recovery phase combined with a bathing pleasure often helps to leave the daily stress behind and to give both the body and the soul new strength. The altapharma relaxation bath contains a carefully selected combination of the essential oils: • Lavender • Oranges • Patchouli • Mugwort • ThymeThe combination of high-quality essential oils with warm water unfolds a soothing scent composition of lavender and orange, which pampers and relaxes the senses. Thus, your well-being is noticeably improved and your inner balance restored. The co-ordinated ingredients prepare a unique and relaxing bathing experience. The additionally developing foam completes the harmonious bathing experience. The altapharma relaxation bath contains mild care components, so that your skin does not dry out even after a long bath. The bath is pH-neutral and alkali-free. The skin tolerability of altapharma relaxation bath is dermatologically confirmed. So your skin is cleansed and maintained sustainably with every bath.