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2x Packs Altapharma Icelandic Moss Lozenges 40 Pcs-Cough and Hoarsenss

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2xPack Altapharma Icelandic Moss Lozenges

Icelandic moss pastilles 40 pieces (80 Lozenges Supply) Helps with coughing and hoarseness, protecting the mucous membrane in throat & throat 

Medical devic

Cough irritation and hoarseness are the most common symptoms of respiratory infections. These can be amplified by external stimuli such as bad or dry breathing air and strong vocal load.The ingredients of Icelandic moss contained in the Altapharma Icelandic moss lozenges are like balm on the mucous membrane in the throat and throat, shielding them from harmful influences. The irritated mucosa is protected from further attacks and can recover faster through the beneficial effects.Typical cold symptoms such as hoarseness and coughing are gently soothed.

  • helps with coughing and hoarseness

  • to protect the mucosa in the throat and throat