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2x Packs Altapharma Dietary Supplement with Vitamin D3, 1.000 I.E

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2x Packs Altapharma Vitamin D3 with 1.000 I.E 

Dietary supplement with vitamin D3

8.8 g 40 beads (80 Beads Supply)

To support the normal functioning of the immune system, as a contribution to the preservation of normal bones, teeth & muscle function, with D3 sun vitamins, only 1x daily  dietary supplement. 

Recent research has shown that vitamin D is a real all-rounder for health. Vitamin D occurs in foods such as liver, fish, eggs, dairy and mushrooms in significant quantities. In addition to food, sunlight is also an important source of vitamin D because the body can make vitamin D in the skin with the help of sunscreen. The self-production of the body through the skin is sometimes not sufficient to meet the vitamin D needs. In particular, in the darker autumn and winter months, in which the immune system is particularly stressed, the body produces less vitamin D. Altapharma Vitamin D beads also play an important role in calcium metabolism. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and normal muscle function.

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower oil, gelatin, humectants: glycerol, cholecalciferol, dye: riboflavin

 Without milk sugar, gluten-free