2xPack Tchibo Black'n White Coffee Maxi Packs - 200 Pads

  • $42.50

2xPack Tchibo Black'n White Coffee Maxi Packs 

100 pads per pack (200 pads supply)

  • Advantage pack with 200 individual aroma-packed pads
  • Each pad contains 7.4 g Tchibo Arabica - for an incomparable taste experience black or with milk
  • Gentle long-term roasting
  • Without acid
  • Suitable for all pad machines
For Tchibo FOR BLACK 'N WHITE, the best Arabica beans are carefully refined in gentle long-term roasting. Through this special Tchibo roasting the beans develop their full aroma without any acidity. As a result, Tchibo FOR BLACK 'N WHITE retains its full-bodied flavor - even when adding milk. Since more coffee in the pad also means more enjoyment, each Tchibo Pad contains 7.4g * Tchibo Arabica - for your unparalleled taste experience. 200 single servings each with 7,4g *, ground roast coffee, coffee pads.
  1. Advantage pack
  2. 100 pads à 7.4 g per pack
  3. Individually flavored with aroma
  4. Suitable for all pad machines


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