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2xPack Tchibo Fine Mild Coffee Advantage Pack - 200 Pads

Regular price $42.50

2xPack Tchibo Fine Mild Coffee Advantage Pack                 

100 Pads per pack (200 pad supply)

Advantage pack with 200 individual aroma-packed pads
Each pad contains 7.4 g of Tchibo Arabica 100% natural-mild Tchibo Arabica from the best altitudes in Latin America and selected growing areas of Brazil

Balanced coffee blend for a smooth coffee taste 
Suitable for all pad machines Suitable for all pad machines
For over 65 years, our coffee experts around the world have been seeking the best coffees that make Tchibo so unique. Selected Arabicas and a careful roasting give fine mildness their aromatic mild character with a subtle fruity note. Experience the unparalleled taste experience and passion for the best coffee in every cup.

* Capacity variations per pad are subject to technical filling tolerances. Filling height of the packaging due to technical reasons. Store cool and dry.

  1. Advantage pack
  2. 100 pads à 7.4 g per pack
  3. Individually flavored with aroma
  4. Suitable for all pad machines