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2xPack SEBAMED Shower Cream with Micelles Oil-in-Water Moisturizer - 200 ml each

Regular price $14.99

2xPacks Sebamed Shower Cream with Micelles Oil-in-Water Moisturizer

200 ml each (400 ml supply)
For sensitive skin, with micelles complex & active protection, gentle cleansing & care, pH 5.5 - clinically tested
ebamed shower cream causes by its micelle complex a noticeably nourishing cleansing for sensitive skin. The active moisturizing formula is ideal for drought-prone skin.
  • The cream with herbal lipids and high content of unsaturated fatty acids cares even while showering
  • The biological active protection with natural chitin helps to store moisture in the skin, to protect it from dehydration and to keep it supple
The pH 5.5 supports the natural skin barrier and makes the skin more resistant.