2xPack SEBAMED Dry Skin Care Lotion - 200 ml each

2xPack SEBAMED Dry Skin Care Lotion - 200 ml each

  • $19.50

2xPacks Sebamed Dry Skin Care Lotion- 200 ml each

200 ml each (400 ml supply)

The selected ingredients of sebamed DRY SKIN care lotion effectively relieve skin irritation and restore the natural moisture balance of the skin. 

The care complex with highly concentrated herbal phytosterols soothes the sensitive skin, relieves tension and itching. Shea butter and other vegetable lipids give the dry skin more silky smoothness and smoothness. The moisture complex of natural polysaccharides and water-based binders on a plant basis helps to protect the skin from drying out. The pH value of 5.5 strengthens the skin protection mantle and thus helps to protect against dehydration, harmful environmental influences and pathogens. The very good skin compatibility is dermatologically-clinically confirmed. 


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