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2xPack Sans Soucis Cleansing Cleansing Foam - 200 ml

Regular price $35.50

2xPack Sans Soucis Cleansing Cleansing Foam
100 ml each (200 ml supply)
The Sans Soucis Cleansing Cleansing Foam 100 ml is a silky soft cleansing foam that cleanses the skin gently and deeply. It is suitable for all skin types and also for the sensitive skin. The dermatologically tested cleaning foam is free of parabens, PEG's, mineral oils and animal ingredients. It provides pure freshness, spoils with a unique cleaning pleasure and counteracts the emergence of new impurities. 

- Cleansing 
foam - cleans gently and deep into the pores 
- also for the sensitive skin 
- counteracts new impurities 

Apply to moist skin, gently massage in and then rinse off.