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2xPack NIVEA Vital Soja Anti-Age Day Care Cream for Mature Skin LSF 15

Regular price $34.50

2xPack NIVEA Vital Soja Anti-Age Day Care Cream LSF 15

50 ml each (100 ml supply)

SPF 15, for mature skin, reduces signs of aging, with soy extract

Do you want vitalized, younger looking skin?

The NIVEA® VITAL Anti-Age Day Care with natural soy extract:

  • Strengthens and tones the skin noticeably
  • Soothes lines and wrinkles visibly
  • Lends a smooth skin
  • Prevents pigment spots and light-induced skin aging

For younger looking skin that radiates new vitality.

The anti-aging daily care smells pampering and its rich texture provides the skin with intensive moisture.

The tolerability is dermatologically confirmed.