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2xPack Kneipp Healthy Feet Anti-corneal Ointment for Chapped Skin

Regular price $18.50

2xPack Kneipp Healthy Feet Anti-corneal Ointment for Chapped Skin

50 ml each (100 ml supply)

Reduce your cornea effectively and for a long time! The efficacy was confirmed by an independent, scientific study *.

* Independent study, 3 weeks application.

The Kneipp® Foot Intensive Ointment Anti-Cornea maintains a combination of high-quality ingredients from the first day: corneal reducing 25% urea, regenerating calendula extract and nourishing jojoba oil, skin-soothing and moisturizing panthenol, skin-protecting vitamin E. Rough and chapped skin will be restored soft and supple.
The citrus fragrance with natural, essential orange oil refreshes and has a deodorizing effect. Athlete's foot is prevented! Calendula extract is particularly suitable for the regenerating and soothing care of sensitive and stressed skin.
Ethereal orange oil revitalizes with its sparkling fresh note.

Our pampering tip: Treat your feet to a soothing foot bath with Kneipp® foot bath crystals. Dry feet nourish the rich and fast-absorbing Kneipp® foot butter soft and supple