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2xPack ISANA Med Urea 5% Shower Gel For Dry Skin - 250 ml each

Regular price $12.50

2xPack ISANA Med Shower Gel for Dry Skin with 5% Urea 
250 ml each  (500 ml supply)


Urea has an excellent moisturizing effect and helps to increase the moisture content of the skin. The feelings of tension and dryness caused by dry skin can thus be reduced. 

The ISANA MED SHOWER with 5% urea is specially tailored to the needs of dry skin. The rich formula with a special provitamin B5 active ingredient complex cleanses gently and gently.

*The natural moisture balance of the skin is supported.
*The skin is protected from drying out and sustainably moisturized.
*soap & alkali free
*moisturizing active ingredient complex