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2xPack ISANA Cream Gel Anti-Cellulite Female Figure Enhancer

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2xPack ISANA Cream Gel Anti-Cellulite

200 ml (400ml 2-Tube set)


Effect & Care:

ISANA Cream Gel Anti-Cellulite helps to significantly improve the appearance of orange skin. The active, plant anti-cellulite 

complex with caffeine supports the burning of fat and promotes the removal of the water deposits in the tissue. When used regularly, the signs of cellulite are significantly reduced and the skin image is improved. The skin receives new tension and strength. The moisture complex with glycerin provides the skin with a lot of moisture - for a radiant new skin feeling. The cream gel attracts particularly quickly and does not leave behind a greasy film.

  • For all skin types
  • with active anti-cellulite complex
  • tightens the skin and improves the figure
  • pH-skin-friendly
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
  • Tested efficacy *

* Dermatologically confirmed: improves the skin elasticity and skin firmness after 4 weeks and thus reduces the signs of cellulite .