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2xPack Hildegard Braukmann Emoise Eye Cream for Men and Women - 60 ml

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2xPack Hildegard Braukmann Emoise Eye Cream for Men and Women

30 ml each (60 ml supply)

Gentle, smoothing intensive care for the delicate eye area.

The active ingredient complex of panthenol, avocado oil, sesame oil and an extract from cornflowers softens fine, dry lines and wrinkles and prevents wrinkles when used regularly.

Active ingredients:

avocado oil. is the natural oil of the avocado fruit (Persea gratissima), which contains a lot of vitamins, phytosterols and lecithin. It protects the skin from drying out and becoming brittle and maintains the particularly dry and delicate skin around the eyes.

Sesame oil. (Oleum sesami) is obtained by pressing the seeds of the thimble-like sesame plant, which contain about 50% oil. Sesame oil is light yellow, almost odorless, with a mild taste. It has a high content of essential linoleic acid and is a natural antioxidant thanks to the active ingredient sesamol.

Cornflowers. The deep blue flowers of the cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) are traditionally used for eye compresses and eye baths. The extract has a calming and moisturizing effect.

Panthenol. (Provitamin B5) easily penetrates the skin and improves moisture retention, especially for dry, brittle and cracked skin. Panthenol works against redness and irritation of the skin, is anti-inflammatory and relieves itching.

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E. offers active cell protection, demonstrably increases the moisture content of the skin and smoothes the skin relief.

Medilan. is pharmaceutical lanolin of exceptional purity and highest quality. Medilan is biomimetically active, which means that Medilan corresponds perfectly to the natural structures of the epidermis and thus enables optimal skin care. It is able to compensate for deficits in the skin and "repair" skin damage. It effectively strengthens the skin barrier and increases the moisture content of the skin.

Beeswax. (Cera Alba) Natural wax produced by honeybees. It is almost insoluble in water and therefore protects sensitive skin in particular from loss of moisture. Beeswax was already known in skin care in antiquity almost 2000 years ago and its smoothing effect was valued.

Phytosqualan. is a colorless, odorless oily liquid that is extracted from olive oil. Squalane is an essential component of the skin's own hydro-lipid film in unsaturated form (squalene) and is therefore particularly skin-friendly. We use the saturated form, which prevents the oxidation of the skin's own fats (by free radicals). Squalane has moisturizing properties, spreads well, ie it can be spread very well, and leaves the skin feeling silky. Because of the good absorption behavior of squalane, it acts as a glide splint into the skin for the other active ingredients.
  • Effect: moisturizing, regenerating
  • Skin type: All skin types
  • Special feature: Free from animal testing, paraben free, paraffin free